Shower Panels

Arizona Brushed Nickel Shower Panel

$489.00 $247.00

  Arizona Stainless Shower Panel    Aluminum Alloy Construction with adjustable shower head Thermostatic mixing valve Two -Way Adjustable diverter; Use any 2 shower experiences at the same time 2 Adjustable body jets...

Verona Stainless Steel Shower Panel Brushed

$799.99 $199.00

This elegant shower panel is suitable for shower or bathtub installation Features: Rainfall shower head hand held shower head massage jets LED lights and display adjustable settings  installation kit included  

Wasaga Stainless Steel Shower Panel

$699.00 $339.00

Wasaga Stainless Steel Shower Panel Experience anything from a delicate rain to a stimulating massage Four Chrome Plated Brass Round Massage Jets Mirror Stainless Steel Top Shower Dimensions: 51" x 9.4" x 18" Model: ROY 103

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