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FEATURES Total width :38 in. Interior width (floor) :24 1/2 in. Interior length (floor) :46 3/4 in. Interior width (top) :27 1/2 in. Bath's total height :22 3/4 in. Interior length (top) :67 7/8 in. Total length...

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We have an excellent selection of tubs available in a range of styles and sizes. We have clawfoot tubs, freestanding bathtubs, drop in bathtubs, alcove tubs, corner bath tubs, jacuzzi whirlpool tubs, soaker tubs and low height tubs.
Freestanding Tubs
Freestanding tubs are enjoying a resurgence in popularity lately and offer several benefits versus built-in baths such as easier installation, modern designs and traditional designs such as clawfoot. Freestanding tubs can make a dramatic statement. The surround for a built-in tub can be expensive and difficult to clean whereas freestanding tubs eliminate this.
Acrylic tub features and benefits
Acrylic tubs can have antibacterial surfaces, high gloss finishes and premium quality acrylic construction for strength and durability. Acrylic is warmer to the touch and more comfortable and lighter than steel tubs and generally offers easier installation.
Low Step Over / Low Profile Tubs
We carry low height tubs that offer easier entry and exit to the tub with heights as low as 16 inches. With the general population becoming older this is a style that will continue to gain in popularity.
Whirlpool Tubs
Whirlpool tubs are popular our tubs include true whirlpool, Thermo zone and aromatherapy and are available in drop in or under mount styles. Whirlpool tubs certainly have their advantages when it comes to functionality. Whirlpool’s can help to reduce stress and anxiety, arthritic and chronic pain. We carry an excellent selection of whirlpool tubs including drop-in, freestanding from top quality brands.