Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet, 1.0 & 0.8 GPF

$8,890.00 $6,599.00

An integrated toilet with technologically advanced WASHLET, this Neorest is a truly remarkable combination of ecology and luxury. Meeting both ADA and Universal Design needs, people of all ages and abilities can enjoy all of the Neorest innovations,...

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Toto Neorest Washlet & toilet Dual Flush 550H

$7,800.00 $5,244.00

An elegant skirted one-piece unit, this Neorest offers ecology-minded luxury, with our technologically advanced Washlet, Cyclone siphon jet flushing system, remote control, heated seat and SanaGloss, an extraordinarily smooth, ion-barrier surface to help...

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Toto Neorest® EW Wall-hung Dual-Flush Toilet

$10,400.00 $7,787.00

TOTO’s most intelligent toilet meets an ultra-modern wall-hung design. NEOREST® EW™ features revolutionary technology such eWater+® to help reduce the need for frequent cleaning. Experience the peak of luxury and hygiene with TOTO...

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Toto Piedmont Bidet, Vertical Spray

$665.00 $448.00

Bidet, Model: BT500B, 24-7/8 in. Length, 14 in. Width, 15 in. Height, Vitreous China, Colour/Finish Name: Cotton White, Yes Specifications - IAPMO Listed, Piedmont Style Name Features Contemporary sleek design with flushing rim and vertical...

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Toto Toilet Ecopower Flushometer Valve 1.6 GPF

$1,128.40 $728.00

Toto Toilet Ecopower Flushometer Valve 1.6 GPF TOTO EcoPower® Toilet Flushometer Valve, 1.6 GPF, Exposed FEATURES Hydropower self-generating systemElectronic flushometer valve, neutral rough-in, complete with 1” angle stop and 1-1/2”...

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Toto Ultimate Elongated Toilet, 1.6 GPF

$731.00 $549.00

  Sleek high profile one piece toilet  The Ultimate Suite: Matching toilets and lavatories  Power Gravity Flushing System: A powerful and quiet flush, everytime  Complete with SoftClose seat, or upgrade to a Washlet  Fast...

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TOTO Washlet Bidet C100 - Elongated

$799.00 $499.00

  Washlet® C100 - Elongated Features Gentle aerated warm water rinse Adjustable Water Temperature and Volume Oscillating comfort Wash Heated Seat with temperature control Self-cleaning dual-action spray Cleaner look featuring hidden...

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Toto WASHLET® A100 - Elongated

$649.00 $549.00

This entry-level WASHLET features a streamlined design with convenient side remote control panel. It ensures a hygenic and refreshing experience with heated seat and dual action spray. FEATURES Gentle Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action Spray with...

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Toilets have changed vastly over the past decade. The old styled toilets are still available, but they are rapidly being replaced with newer modern designs that not only look better but also have added functionality and better efficiency. Toilets are now available in virtually any colour, size, type and design and we can help you with our expert advice and affordable prices. A great example of this is the creative design of the Duravit Vero 1 Piece Toilet which is completely square.
New Dimensions
Elongated toilets are more comfortable than regular round bowls and are generally 3 inches longer. Comfort height toilets are another innovation that make toilets more comfortable and easier to get onto and off the toilet.
Wall-Mounted Toilets
Wall-mounted toilets are literally fastened to the wall and suspended above the floor with concealed tanks. These are truly unique toilets and look nothing like traditional toilets. Wall-mounted toilets also have a small footprint and would work well in smaller bathrooms.
One of the wall-mounted toilets we carry the Caroma Invisi Series II Cube Wall Mount Toilet
Modern Innovations
Modern toilets can have a host of the latest technological innovations. For instance, the Kohler Numi® Comfort Height® one-piece elongated dual-flush intelligent toilet has ambient coloured lighting, wireless Bluetooth music sync capability, heated seat and foot warmer, power save mode for energy efficiency, motion activated hands-free opening and closing of the seat and cover, advanced cleansing functionality, a precision air dryer and deodorizer. Emergency flush for power outages and in intuitive touchscreen remote. This toilet epitomizes the newest innovations to toilet design.
Regardless of what you are looking for, we would be happy to provide you with friendly expert advice.