Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures
Modern showers are completely different than the older showers that were in every home. Today’s showers commonly utilize attractive materials such as tile, stone and glass that offers a more luxurious and spa-like experience. New showers are also a big plus for your home’s appeal and resale value.
We offer a wide variety of shower enclosures that will not only compliment your home but will create a spa-like getaway. Our shower enclosures coordinate with and compliment our other bathroom fixtures to give your bathroom an attractive and luxurious look.

Corner Glass Enclosure
Corner glass enclosures are perfect for smaller bathrooms and maximizing space. The glass contributes to the room feeling more spacious and luxurious.

Roll Top Showers
We also have roll top shower doors that roll on a track at the top rather than the bottom which usually gets quite dirty and is difficult to clean. Our roll top shower doors feature exceptional glass grates, reversible left or right designs, contemporary designs as well as elegant European flair and low friction roller systems that glide effortlessly.

Sliding Door Showers
We also have two sliding panel shower doors which feature frameless sliding doors also soft and quiet roller technology, tempered glass, reversible doors for right or left openings and Duraclean glass for easy cleaning.

Glass shower doors
We also carry glass doors with patterns that provide a nice backdrop for any bathroom. The Kohler Fluence sliding door for example features a falling lines glass pattern which looks great in any bathroom and they also feature Kohlers’s Clean Coat glass coating which repels water for easy cleanup.

Frameless Bypass Shower Door
Frameless bypass shower doors are great for confined spaces where a fully framed shower would typically not be possible or preferred. An example is Kohler’s Fluence frameless bypass shower door.
We carry top brands such as Koehler, Mirolin and Kalia.