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Caroma Invisi Series II Cube Wall Mount Toilet

$1,399.00 $959.00

High Efficiency Toilet (HET) Smart dual-flush technology boasts 1.28/0.8gpf (4.8/3Lpf) Euro-style bowl with universal fit Minimal wall projection for maximum space saving Cube easy close seat Bowl adjustable to 17” for Easy Height WaterSense...

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Caroma Somerton Smart 270 Elongated Front

$599.00 $339.00

Caroma Somerton 270 Elongated One Piece Toilet   Boasts 1.28/0.8 gpf (4.8/3Lpf) One of the lowest consumption HET on the market with an average 0.9gpf (3.6L) WaterSense Labeled Roman trapway, nearly double the size of the industry...

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