Bright Ideas to Modernize Your Kitchen

Aug 10th 2018

Bright Ideas to Modernize Your Kitchen

There are many ways to make your kitchen a bit more modern without doing an entire overhaul. A full renovation is expensive, and quite the undertaking. On average, they cost between $12,000 - $33,000 to complete, which is no small price tag. You can accomplish a lot in your kitchen with just a little bit though, by focusing in on specific areas and modernizing those pieces to bring the whole thing up to date. If you want to upgrade your kitchen, then there are some small things that you can focus on that will bring things up to date without breaking the bank. Here are our top four renos to modernize your kitchen!

New Kitchen Faucets

One thing that can date a kitchen very quickly would be the fixtures, mainly if they were trendy at the time of their original install. Faucets can run the gambit of inexpensive to more than $3,000 per unit, but there is an incredible amount of beautiful and well-priced faucets available to spruce up any kitchen. Whether you go with a chrome, black chrome, brushed stainless steel, stainless steel, or other. Merely upgrading a faucet can give your whole counter space a new look.

Stainless Steel vs. Chrome For Faucets

When you are getting a new faucet, you are going to be picking between stainless steel and chrome. Stainless steel is a metal alloy that has no plating over top of it while chrome is a plating that goes over top a different metal core. Chrome is a very highly polished metal, and while it does have some more matte brushed and satin varieties. Chrome is very corrosion-resistant as well. Stainless steel is more durable, however, and is corrosion-resistant, tarnish resistant, and scratch-resistant. Which you choose depends a lot on what your decorating style is. If you like something a bit more matte and are worried about durability, then go with stainless steel. If you want something bright and that stands out, go with chrome. It is worth noting that stainless steel is easier to keep clean than chrome as well.

Smart Kitchens!

There are so many ways to cook smarter nowadays thanks to technology. Many kitchen gadgets are IoT compatible, and you can monitor everything on your smartphone while it cooks. Many of these items, like sous vide machines, scales, and frying pans, can be quite affordable. There are also high ticket smart kitchen items like smart fridges and smart ovens. Smart fridges can help you create shopping lists, order food, manage the family schedule, send messages, and allows you to stream right onto your fridge! These smart kitchen options are not cheap, but they do offer a lot in the way of modernizing your kitchen.

New Sink

Kitchen sinks tend to be the centrepiece of your kitchen, whether you want them to or not. They need to be functional, and since they are going to be the focus of the room, as they break up the counter space, they should be beautiful as well. Spending some extra money to get a great looking and beyond functional sink is well worth the investment. Consider if you want one large basin or multiple basins if you prefer stainless steel or quartz. There are a ton of options and with something that reflects more modern styles you can elevate your kitchen in a snap.

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