Bring Hotel Style to Your Bathroom Vanity

Nov 7th 2018

Do you want your bathroom to feel like a luxury getaway? Like you’re staying in a five-star hotel or something out of a magazine? Changing out your bathtub or shower is easy, but it all comes down to the aesthetics of your bathroom vanity. Here are a few ways you can bring that chic, modern style to your vanity.

Stone Counters

Heat resistant, scratch and stain proof, and beautiful to look at, a stone countertop for your vanity is the way to go if you're looking for that chic hotel bathroom feeling. Engineered quartz, marble, you can’t go wrong with installing this low-maintenance option.

A Simple Sink

You’re guaranteed to reach luxury hotel standards with either of these modern sink choices. Whether you choose to have a sink seamlessly integrated with your vanity countertop or a chic bowl that sits on top, it’s up to you.

Dresser Style

Create a nice blend of modern and vintage (or any style, it’s up to you) by adding a dresser-like vanity to your bathroom. Painting it a neutral colour like white, light gray, navy blue or so on, will add that unique pop of character that luxury hotels are known for.


Dress up your bathroom vanity with small accents that are both decorative and functional. Little things like mirrored trays, bottle and dispenser that match the metal hardware throughout the rest of the bathroom, and clear jars for added storage. Or, if it’s more you aesthetic, go all out and find cute accessories that pique your interest. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. Remember: the key to emulating a chic hotel bathroom is to keep the vanity clean and uncluttered.

Go Bold

Backlighting behind mirrors is a common setup for hotel bathrooms, luxury and all. However, if you’re looking for a mixture of luxury and character, go for something out of the box. Pendant light fixtures beside the sink add some much-needed lighting to the vanity area while creating a focal point to the room. If your bathroom is minimalistic, try a fancy chandelier.

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