How to Find The Best Bathroom Vanities

Nov 20th 2018

There are several factors you need to keep in mind before you start shopping for a new bathroom vanity. It can easily become the focal point of your bathroom, so picking an exquisite fixture is imperative. You will also need it to be practical as well, though. Consider these features when selecting a new bathroom vanity so that you choose something that is both stylish and functional.


You must measure your bathroom before deciding on a vanity so that you can be sure it will fit. Consider how much storage and counter space you need. You will typically have more freedom with the height of the vanity, but the depth and width will often need to be within fixed measurements because of the walls in your bathroom. If you have a medicine cabinet or mirror installed above the vanity, then you will have to be mindful of the height as well.

Number of Sinks

Most vanities have just one sink, especially if the bathroom is small. If you would rather have more counter space, then a single vanity that is wider is your best option. Two sinks are best for larger families or couples that tend to get ready in the morning at the same time. You will need a width of 48 inches available for most double vanities.

Mounting Options

Freestanding - The most common type of bathroom vanity, also known as standard. It looks like a buffet or chest and is the best option for maximum storage space.

Wall-mounted - These vanities float or hang on a wall without any legs touching the ground. It is a more modern style that opens up space on the floor.

Sink type

You must first consider vanity style, the desirable amount of counter space, and overall style of your bathroom before choosing a sink type. There are three main kinds:

Undermount - Designed to be connected under the counter for a sleek appearance. There are no exposed edges, making this style easy to clean and fuss-free.

Self-rimming - This style is put directly on an opening of the counter, with the edges resting on it. It is also known as a top-mount or drop-in style.

Vessel - Usually bowl-shaped pieces that sit on top of the surface of the counter. It does not require undermount installation.

Choosing the Right Style

There are several ways you can make your vanity look unique:

Contemporary - This style goes well with most bathroom styles. Its clean and simple lines make it easy to match with.

Modern - This style incorporates sharp angles and bold shapes with bright colours and looks relatively streamlined.

Traditional - Classically designed with detailed features like ornate carvings, panel doors, and richly hued wood.


Vanity tops come in several finishes that you can tailor to your style like marble, quartz, tempered glass, phoenix stone, glass, wood, and ceramic.


At York Taps, our vanities all include soft close doors and drawers as well as matching handles which are all included with the purchase of our vanities.